Nylon carpet in WestchaseFiber type is one of the many choices you’ll have to make during the carpet buying process, and each particular fiber comes with its own set of advantages. To help you better understand your choices, our Floor Coverings International North Tampa experts will take a closer look at one of these carpet fiber options: nylon.

About Nylon Carpet

Nylon is a durable and robust type of synthetic fiber that is popular with homeowners in Westchase and beyond. It has a high elasticity that allows it be stretched or compressed without losing its original shape. It is also naturally resistant to the buildup of static electricity. Carpet made from nylon can come in nearly any color or pattern that you can imagine, although more artful creations may come at a premium. The feel of the carpet can range from solid to soft, influenced by the exact fiber used and the construction of the carpet.

Since it is more uniform than natural fibers and lacks typical organic compounds, there are fewer places for dirt and grime to collect. This means that nylon carpet is easy to clean and is resistant to mildew, bacterial growth, and other biological hazards when properly cleaned. Nylon also does a good job of maintaining its shape, resists fading from sunlight and use, and it burns slowly in case of fire.

Nylon carpeting can vary widely in price depending on the quality of the fiber, whether the carpet is made from a blend of fibers or pure nylon, and any other post-processing that the carpet receives. Nylon tends to be more expensive than other synthetic carpet fibers, but it also more durable and resilient, so it still offers an excellent value for the price.

To see our nylon carpet products and get a free project estmate, give us a call! Floor Coverings International North Tampa provides in-home consultations to homeowners in Westchase and beyond.

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