Slate tile in WestchaseNatural stone tile is popular with Westchase homeowners for obvious reasons. It’s luxurious, beautiful, and durable – but with so many types of stone to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your home? That’s where Floor Coverings International North Tampa comes in! We’ll help introduce you to the many natural stone options available and help you choose the perfect style.

Here are a few common types of natural stone to consider:

  • If you want tough, durable stone with a sleek and glossy finish, try granite or marble. Both are virtually indestructible, at least when it comes to everyday wear and tear. They can handle dramatic changes in temperature, and they’re available in a range of natural colors and patterns. However, since granite and marble are porous, they should be sealed regularly to avoid staining or etching.
  • If you like dark, rustic tile, slate will be right up your alley. Slate is known for its dark, earthy colors. Some tiles may be a neutral, charcoal gray, while others show a dramatic variation between bronze, brown, and green. Slate tile also tends to have a natural, unpolished texture. Slate can have a tendency to flake, but the higher the quality of the tile, the tougher and more durable it will be.
  • If you want neutral stone in shades of beige or gray, consider travertine, limestone, or sandstone. All are available in light, neutral hues and matte finishes, some more rustic and textured than others. Travertine and limestone have a similar weathered, aged look (though limestone is the tougher of the two). Sandstone has a subtle, consistent look, though some tiles may have striped variations.

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Photo Credit: John Wollwerth