Keep your hardwood flooring like new for years with simple routine care. Maintain its shine by sweeping the floor often, if not daily, with a soft bristle broom or dust floors with a dry microfiber mop. If a vacuum is preferred over a broom, be sure to have the proper hardwood floor attachment so you don’t scratch or dull the finish. Clean periodically with a floor cleaning product recommended by your wood flooring professionals that are specifically formulated to remove dirt without damaging the beautiful luster of the wood.

Hardwood flooring must be cleaned differently than vinyl or tile flooring. Keep the wood’s natural beauty without it getting an oily look or a dried low-luster look. Never wax a surface-finished floor. If you plan to wax, be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions. Water or steam and oil-based waxes or strong ammoniated products all tend to change the surface of the wood, and some could even cause swelling or warping, which might void the manufacturer’s warranty.

It’s especially important to never allow liquids to remain on your hardwood flooring. Once you notice a spill, wipe it up immediately with a soft cloth as quickly as you can. Don’t use anything abrasive like steel wool or scouring powder that could permanently damage the wood. Only use buffing machines, if recommended in the hardwood flooring manufacturer’s instructions. You may need to apply wax specifically for wood floors once or twice a year, depending on the amount of traffic, to bring out the full shine of the wood again. Be careful not to over-wax

Entry mats are recommended to help collect dirt, grit, or other debris that could potentially scratch the hardwood flooring. Prevent slipping with vinyl rug underlayment, as opposed to rubber or foam-backed mats which might cause discoloring.

Put felt protectors under the legs of furniture to prevent scratching and replace them when needed, as particles get embedded into the pads, and can cause damage when moving the chairs or other items. It’s always best to pick up heavy furniture piece to move it, but you might be able to use soft floor protectors under the heaviest objects.

Keep children off your wood floors when wearing sports cleats. Ladies high-heeled shoes in poor shape can do damage, as well.

Every few decades, your hardwood flooring may need to be sanded and refinished, but following the guidelines above can keep your hardwood flooring beautiful for a lifetime.

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