Don’t get overwhelmed when looking for kitchen flooring. Just remember that kitchens are typically high traffic areas of the home, so you’ll want something attractive, yet durable and low maintenance, if possible. The following information will be helpful while considering your options available today.

Concrete and Stone

Concrete and stone are moisture-resistant and unbeatable for durability. Both create a trendy, modern look. On the downside, both may be cold and hard under the feet. This kitchen flooring is naturally cool, great in warm climates, but a challenge in colder areas without adding sub-floor radiant heat. The most popular stone kitchen floorings give a natural, earthy look to a home. Concrete and stone may require sealing and slate can chip easily.

Rubber and Cork

Rubber comes in a large variety of colors and textures to match any décor. It’s easy to install, available in sheeting or tiles. Its surface is soft under the feet, non-slip, yet durable. Another cushy kitchen flooring is cork, with its fun and unique texture and feel. It’s a great selection for warmth underfoot, are noise absorbent and naturally anti-microbial, which helps repel insects. The surface may need to be sanded and refinished periodically.


Another eco-friendly kitchen flooring is bamboo. It’s beautifully grained, typically strong and durable. Select a bamboo flooring brand with a long warranty which will mean it is less likely to be dented easily.


Carpeting is difficult for maintenance and cleaning in the kitchen, but there are carpet tiles included in today’s modern kitchens that are industrial grade and easy to clean and install.


Laminate kitchen flooring can be affordable and typically withstand abuse. When padding is added below, it’s an ergonomic solution, easier on the feet and back.


Tile is an easy-clean solution, as long as grout lines are small. Tiles can have earthy or glossy looks and some mimic wood. The subflooring must be perfectly level in order to have a professional look.


This is an affordable, water-resistant kitchen flooring option. Tiles can be an easy install, but sheets definitely require professional installation. Some vinyl looks so much like wood, it’s hard to distinguish without a careful look.


A top choice, offering warmth, charm, and durability, but wood needs occasional sealing to protect it from moisture and may warp in high humidity areas. Beautiful, yet sometimes noisy.

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