Floor Coverings International North Tampa had the great pleasure of interviewing local photographer, Michelle Caudle. Michelle picked up her passion for photography at a young age and has since started her own company, Silver Moon Custom Art & Photography, located here in Tampa. You can follow Michelle on Facebook and Instagram. But first, read what she has to say about her art, her favorite events, and more!


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Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a photographer and artist from the Tampa Bay area. A free spirited creative thinker, setting some goals and following my dreams! Some of my first memories are of dipping my fingers into paint and I’ve been loving creating art ever since. In 2012, I started my business, Silver Moon Custom Art & Photography, Inc. My absolute passion is shooting weddings. I am also a painter! Doing commissioned artwork is such a cool experience, bringing something to life out of nothing and placing it into the lives of those around me… Murals are definitely a highlight of my job!

I am an avid traveler, animal lover, aunt to seven beautiful nieces and nephews (one more on the way) and yoga instructor. I live for the outdoors and am always looking towards the next adventure!


How did you cultivate your passion for photography?

When I was fourteen, fresh into high school, I found my mother’s dusty old Ae-1 Canon, 35mm, in the back of a cabinet. She shared with me her little knowledge and I shot my first roll of film on a family vacation to Maine. This was the start of my life-long love affair with photography. I took photography and art classes throughout high school and decided I’d like to focus on art in college. I fulfilled my undergrad at Florida State University, where my studies centered around fine art painting and photography, followed by a required internship, where I realized that learning something in a classroom has no comparison to experiencing it in the field.

Working with Pix n’ Pages, a dog show photography company based in Orlando, I realized how little I actually understood of the technical aspects of photography. They taught me everything I know and I have so much gratitude towards them for being such amazing teachers. I started from the ground up, from vendor booth customer service to lead assistant photographer. After working with them for a number of years, I finally decided to start my own company, where I would focus on photographing people, rather than four legged creatures, and creating custom artwork.


What are your favorite things to photograph and why?

I absolutely love shooting weddings. Capturing such an intimate part of a couple’s life that they will be able to relive through timeless photographs is really a satisfying and gratifying feeling… Being present, having the ability and agility to catch all the memorable moments on their wedding day is something that I am so happy that I can offer to my clients. I will say I glow and thrive at a wedding… It gives me so much joy to help my clients feel comfortable and at ease on a typically stressful day.

I do also have a great interest in creating artistic and unique photographs with a high fashion feel. This is where I have the chance to jump out of the box and get a little crazy, which is often a nice contrast to the refined and classic high-end wedding style of photography.


Have you ever shot photos of interior designs? If so, which styles are your favorite?

I will say that I haven’t done as many interior design photoshoots as I’d like. I would jump at more opportunities within this realm of work. However, of the handful of interior design shoot that I have done, I’ve noticed that I’m drawn to the high end, chic look. Unique set up, furniture or color elements, uncluttered and simple, often with an edgy vibe.


Tell us about a recent product or wedding you worked on that you really enjoyed.

I recently had the fantastic opportunity to shoot a fairytale themed wedding. The bride had all of the design elements perfectly in place, down to the smallest of details. She wore a princess like dress, similar in style and matching the beauty of Cinderella’s, even having her father help her with her shoes. The enchanted rose of Beauty and the Beast, protected by the glass covering and fallen rose petals floating down the front of their cake. Elegant candlesticks and elaborate time pieces representing Lumiere and Cogsworth as centerpieces. And the silk drapery and gold lighting of the grand ballroom where Belle and her Beast performed their timeless dance. This was a gorgeously thought out wedding and I was in heaven photographing it!

Tampa Wedding Photographer

Tampa Wedding Photographer

Tampa Wedding Photographer

Tampa Wedding Photographer


Because we are a flooring company, we are always interested in styles used in different settings. Has anyone ever had a particularly interesting flooring style that photographed well or not so well?

My preference of flooring, both personally and photographically, is a nicely polished dark wood. I think dark wood particularly, adds a richness and a sense of comfort. It is very classic and timeless, a room can be designed in many ways around a dark wood floor.

As far as the most interesting floor I’ve ever had the opportunity to shoot… A mirrored, color changing LED light dance floor! That made for some awesome photos! Check this out!

Tampa Luxury Wedding Photographer

Tampa Wedding Photography

Tampa Wedding Photography


Thank you so much, Michelle, for taking the time to answer our questions and tell us about your talent. To view more of Michelle’s photos or to contact her for your next event, visit her website!