Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax and find sanctuary, so it is important that it meets your needs and personality. One factor to consider is your floor, which can have a profound impact on the feel of your room. Let our Floor Coverings International North Tampa team help you find the perfect floor for your Tampa home. Here are three popular options to consider:

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring in Tampa

A hardwood floor is a classic choice that offers timeless appeal and a versatile look. Its warm, natural appearance pairs well with a variety of designs, and if properly maintained, hardwood can last for decades. For added comfort and texture, place area rugs strategically around the room.

Natural Stone Tile

Tile flooring in Tampa

Though natural stone tile might not be the first flooring option that comes to mind, it will definitely give your bedroom a luxurious and dramatic look. Like hardwood, it can endure the weight of heavy furniture without suffering damage, and you can add area rugs to make it warmer and more comfortable. The primary downside will be the higher cost relative to other flooring options.


Carpet in Tampa

Carpeting comes in two major varieties: low pile and high pile. Low pile carpet is the most common type of carpeting seen today since it is soft, warm, and easy to clean. However, high pile carpet is also a cozy choice if you like to lounge on the floor or walk around in bare feet. Carpeting is generally an affordable, versatile, and comfortable choice, but it does require more cleaning and maintenance. Heavy furniture and vacuuming can leave indentations in your carpet, and spilled food or drink can stain it. If you want your bedroom carpet to last, take care to keep it clean and maintained.

To learn more about these and other flooring options for your Tampa home, give us a call! Our expert team at Floor Coverings International North Tampa looks forward to helping you select the perfect floor for your bedroom space.

Photo Credits: Artazum